Vertical blinds Saltley are perfect window coverings for large expanses of glass, sliding doors and openings. They give a clean, modern-day appearance to any room and are regularly utilised in offices and homes where protection from the sun heat and strong light need to be decreased.

Vertical blinds are a practical option to curtains when used across sliding doors. When they are drawn open to the side, they allow easy access. This style of vertical blind is also brilliant for conservatory use. The partitions of the conservatory can be covered with vertical blinds to reduce heat and when drawn open to provide an unobstructed view. It also offers a professional finish for blinds used for doors and conservatories and non-recessed windows.

vertical blinds Saltley

Easy to Maintain

A vertical blind is supported from top to bottom. So you do not want two rails to grasp the blind, like with a Venetian blind. For that reason, the fabric on a vertical blind can be easily moved around for cleaning.

Also, you can clean them with no trouble. With vertical blind, there are not any issues with ruining a nice fit. Additionally, there are fewer worries about jamming curtain cords.


Normally, vertical blinds are designed by using thick fabrics. This is because of the absolute size and area they cover. As a result, they have a longer life than other blinds. These blinds are durable to breakage. And because of their hanging nature, they can be pushed around without problems.

Moreover, our fabric is appropriate for rooms that witness excessive humidity. And with mould resistance, cleaning is simple and infrequent.

Other Uses You Might be Interested In

Vertical blinds are awesome for thermal insulation. Their thickness and material strength permit you to alter room temperature properly. Such blinds are useful for those areas that need to be kept cool.

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