Venetian Blinds

A commonly used type of blind, offering you security and ease of use simultaneously.
With a venetian blind, the slats are positioned horizontally. This allows for excellent sun-blocking effects, rarely found in other blind types. Cords are passed through all slats in the blinds. This allows you to rotate all blinds simultaneously. And you can rotate them at almost 180 degree angles. Here are LA Blinds, we provide different types of venetian blinds. We offer metal, wood, and fauxwood blinds. Be sure to read up on each subsection, where we list the advantages of each.

Metal Venetian

Metal Venetian is known for durability. They sustain wear well, and are resistant to many afflictions that affect blind fabric. For example, metal Venetian resists moisture well. This makes it useful for kitchen and bathroom environments. If you need a blind for either of those spaces, this is what you should go for.


The majority of homes use fauxwood venetian blinds as a window decorative. We assume you might be considering a set too. This is something we recommend, especially as a compliment to your interior setup. If you have wood or fauxwood flooring installed, such blinds match well with them. Also, fauxwood venetian blinds work well with more classic forms of furniture. If you’re changing your home’s blinds, or know someone that is, we recommend you this variant.


A Wood Venetian Blind is excellent for professional environments. Especially high status offices, where wood is always a classy touch. Thus, we highly recommend Wood Venetian for private offices. Public service spaces that try to offer a classic persona should use wood Venetian. This may be for any service, from a massage room to a well-styled hair salon. Wood Venetian is also a popular option for homes. They work best in places such as bedrooms and living rooms.

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